Nordic Harmony

Rugs inspired by the beauty of the Nordic light, colors and landscape. With timeless Scandinavian design & only high-quality materials.

Nordic Harmony - SS 2022 Collection


Wool is the most common and classic material used to make rugs for centuries. It is extremely durable, soft, and stain-resistant. This is one of the most preferred choices for those looking for area rugs for long term use and for high traffic areas.


Silk fibers are most durable among other natural fibers. Silk is very soft and luxurious because it has proteins and amino acids. Silk mats and carpets are known for their strength for centuries. These rugs are mostly associated with royal families.


Jute rugs are perfect for those who have allergies to wool because they are made of natural fibers.

Jute rugs are durable and long-lasting since it is a 100% renewable resource. Because of its durability, you can use it for years without worrying that your kids or pets will ruin the rug.


Viscose is a versatile fiber which purportedly has the same comfort properties as natural fibers.

It can imitate the look and texture of wool, cotton, linen, and silk though most often in rugs it is the latter. Viscose is a sustainable and renewable alternative to pure silk.

PET Yarn

PET-Yarn is a synthetic material made from
recycled plastic bottles, making it an environmentally friendly alternative. ​ The material withstands water, sunlight and dirt in an extraordinary way, hence a PET yarn rug is an excellent choice for both in- and outdoor use.

" A good quality hand-knotted rug lasts decades "

Premium Hand-Knotted Rugs

Sage Hand Knotted Wool RugSage Hand Knotted Wool Rug

Sage Hand Knotted Wool Rug

From Rs. 48,900.00
Sombre Hand Knotted Wool RugSombre Hand Knotted Wool Rug

Sombre Hand Knotted Wool Rug

From Rs. 54,500.00
Esme Hand Knotted Wool RugEsme Hand Knotted Wool Rug

Esme Hand Knotted Wool Rug

From Rs. 80,500.00
Holt Hand Knotted Wool RugHolt Hand Knotted Wool Rug

Holt Hand Knotted Wool Rug

From Rs. 54,500.00
Croire Hand Knotted Wool RugCroire Hand Knotted Wool Rug
Premium Sold out

Croire Hand Knotted Wool Rug

From Rs. 48,900.00
Malin Hand Knotted Wool & Silk RugMalin Hand Knotted Wool & Silk Rug

Malin Hand Knotted Wool & Silk Rug

From Rs. 132,500.00
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Rug Care & Maintenance

Our rugs are handcrafted to give you many beautiful years of use. Find out ways that you can use to extend their life.

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Sustainability At Rugberry

We are getting used to seeing images of plastic washing up on shores and turning into mountains of trash everywhere in the daily news. With a problem this big, it calls for clever solutions and we stepped up for the future. We decided to turn plastic bottles into beautiful & sustainable collections of rugs.

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