Rugberry India

Ebony Rug

Rs. 5,500

The Ebony rug, is a tightly woven woolen rug with a unique fringe style, making it stand out from regular kilim rugs. The dark colour is inviting and adds warmth to the room while highlighting light coloured furniture. It is a durable quality and also suited for high-traffic areas.
A rug is a great way to define a space and through colour and form to create a sense of coherence between the furniture and accessories in a room. Our Kelim Rugs redefine traditional kelim craftsmanship by infusing them with modern colourways and patterns.

Composition : Wool

Kilim Rug 
Flat weave 

CARE: Do not wash. We recommend gently vacuuming this rug once or twice weekly with a brush attachment. Do not use an abrasive rotary brush head as this may damage to the rug.


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