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By Rugberry

We are privileged to work with some of the worlds leading interior designers to design and supply luxury bespoke carpets and rugs for prestigious clients across the world. Our service is genuine, and we are wholly committed to giving each project the attention it deserves.

All our designs can be tailored to your exact specifications or alternatively we can work with you to create something truly bespoke. Whether you have a simple sketch, photograph or just an image in your head, our in-house design team is on hand to transform your ideas into a bespoke creation.

Rugberry For Hospitality

Hotels & Commercial Projects

We can supply bespoke hand tufted carpets and rugs suitable for heavy contract use. Our premium materials combines durability with a luxurious appearance and is ideal for bedroom and public area use in commercial applications

We have no minimum order quantity so whether you require one custom made rug for an entrance lobby or fitted carpet for every hotel bedroom our expert designers and installation team ensure a perfect finish from planning and design through to the final installation

Commercial & Office Spaces

We use sturdy weaving techniques and high quality durable materials for places with heavy footfall. Like office spaces and movie theatres.

Bespoke Projects

Rugberry has designed and supplied some of the most exquisite and luxurious carpets for exclusive projects across the world. Working closely with designers and architects our carpets and rugs are custom made to order to meet the exact specification of the most discerning clients.

Private Residence

Whether you are looking for one custom made rug or wish to carpet your entire home we offer a complete bespoke, custom made, design service with a distinct focus on a unique and personal customer experience.

Our design service allows our customers to create something truly unique to their space. We pride ourselves on our customer service and ensuring our customer gets the quality of service that reflects the product. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and going the extra mile to ensure the end product is the ultimate in design, elegance and luxury.

Delivered & Installed all over the world


There are many ways to make a rug by hand and many materials to choose from. Different yarns display different properties of strength, softness and lustre. Some are smooth & cool to the touch while others are sumptuously soft and warm. Beyond the more obvious charms of wool, silk & cotton we have explored the merits of such diverse fibres as bamboo, mohair, merino & alpaca. We have remained faithful to the natural materials, carefully preserving their inherent properties.
Prized for its softness, warmth and natural strength, sheep’s wool has been used in myriad ways for thousands of years. The rich texture and long unbroken fibres mean it provides excellent durability and a wonderful texture underfoot. it is water repellent and flame retardant.
One of the oldest textiles in the world, linen is made from natural flax fibres which are extracted from the stem of the flax plant. Smooth and lustrous to the eye and silky in texture, linen has been renowned for centuries for its versatility and durability.
No other fibre rivals silk for decadent softness and luxurious shine. The spectacular lustre comes from the prism-like structure of the surface of each fibre, and is unique to silk. Silk is tremendously strong, and in very old antique carpets it will often outlast wool.
Mohair or Angora wool is the yarn spun from the fleece of the Angora goat. Mohair has a beautiful lustre that adds a richness and intensity to colours and is generally woven into plain rugs where the tactile quality of the fibre comes into its own.
Bamboo Silk
The fibres of the noble bamboo plant are very long and strong. With special treatment they can be spun into a yarn that is lustrous like silk. Bamboo yarn is uneven in colour and the result is a rustic finish that exhibits interesting fluctuations in tone.
The Merino sheep, whose rams have long spiralling horns, originate from 12th Century Spain. They grow the most opulent and soft fleece, that is famed for its fineness and delightful touch.


Once a yarn is chosen there are myriad ways in which it can be knotted and woven, twisted and looped to produce a handmade rug. These differing techniques produce a range of textural surfaces, from fine and flat to chunky and shaggy. Whilst the precise detail of weaving techniques is the stuff of academia, here follows a brief introduction to the basics.
These rugs are composed of many thousands of individual knots, with the yarn tightly knotted by hand around the warp and weft of the rug. The size of the knot determines the quality of the rug, with the smallest knots allowing the finest detail of pattern. The result is a rug of extraordinary quality and durability.
These rugs are handmade on a loom with the use of the shuttle. Like handknotted rugs, a rod can be used, creating many textural possibilities. This technique lends itself well to plain rugs, small scale patterns and interesting textures achieved in single tones of colour.
Flat weave
Our flatweaves are handwoven by skilled artisans using premium yarns. The fibre is intertwined so there are no threads protruding to create a pile.
Cut Pile
Cut pile refers to the process of shearing the yarn loops, leaving the pile upright and the ends of the yarn exposed, giving a soft, luxurious touch to any rug.
Raised Pile
The pile can be intricately hand trimmed to different heights to add a three-dimensional quality to the design.
Loop Pile
A type of pile where the knots around the rod are left uncut forming loops, which achieves an interesting texture.
Flat Loop Pile
Yarns are knotted directly onto the warp and left uncut, creating a firmer texture for when a thinner, more tactile finish is desired.
Patterned elements of a design can be painstakingly hand carved to give designs an added dimension. Patterns can be carved or raised depending on the desired effect.