Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you ship worldwide ?

Yes. We ship worldwide through Fedex and DHL.

Why is my rug shredding?

Shedding is normal for a new rug and should go away within a month or two.

do you offer free shipping?

Yes we offer free shipping on all order above Rs. 12,000 in India.

Can You Make a custom rug for me?

Yes, we can make a custom rug unique to your requirements. You can mail us your requirements on or contact us on WhatsApp 8127131060 

What do i do if there is a defect in my rug?

In case there are any manufacturing defects in the products shipped, the customer needs to notify us via email at within 24 hours of receiving the goods and we will replace the item for another piece of the same item.

How can I make a change in my order or cancel my order?

Any change or cancellation is only possible if the information is received before the order gets dispatched. Please get in touch with us for the same on WhatsApp 8127131060 or

If I share my room pictures with you, will you be able to suggest me a rug?

Yes we offer free design consultancy to our customers. You can either reach out to us on or WhatsApp us on 8127131060